August Alexander and Caleb Vasquez


BAREBACK THAT HOLE: August Alexander and Caleb Vasquez – WATCH FULL SCENE

Ever have a fantasy become reality? After weeks of fantasizing about August, today was the day Caleb was going to make his move. So as soon as Caleb saw August leaving work, he knew he was going to be joining him. They locked eyes, and it was on. They are all over each other the minute they walked into the living room. They start by kissing but quickly get undressed as Caleb drops to his knees. With his hands and mouth, he makes sure to treat August’s dick with the respect it deserves. In return, August gladly devours an entire meal out of eating Caleb’s hole before feeding Caleb some more cock. When ready, Caleb takes a seat on August and shows his cock a good time as it fills his juicy hole deep. Then it’s August’s turn to do some work as he stands up and fucks Caleb from behind. Caleb’s moans let August know he is enjoying every stroke. Caleb gets on top once more so he can shoot his load on August’s chest before August lays back and strokes out a load Featuring:  August Alexander, Caleb Vasquez