Riley Mitchel and Bucky Wright


Riley Mitchel and Bucky Wright – WATCH FULL VIDEO

How many holes can you fuck in one day? Riley is a whore top with a hotel room and a lot of seed to spread, and next up is his bottom buddy Bucky who is very happy to have his holes used by Riley and used they get. Starting at his chest, Bucky works his mouth down Riley until his lips are wrapped tight around Riley’s hard, thick cock. Riley sits back and lets Bucky do all the work, pushing Bucky to take it all down his throat. Riley then gets on his knees and lets Bucky eat his ass to shreds. Bucky loves eating a top’s hot ass before he lets him plow his hole. And with that, Bucky gets on all fours. Riley gets behind him and slowly begins to feed his boy his cock. It only takes a few seconds before he is pounding Bucky’s hole and riding his ass all over the hotel room. Bucky loves Riley’s cock and gives his ass to him until Riley is ready to pull out and shoot all over his used ass. Bucky then strokes his cock and unloads on the carpet, leaving his mark for the next bottom waiting.
Featuring:  Bucky Wright, Riley Mitchel

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